SPEA’s FT1000 series is a new range of modular testers designed for simple, flexible and cost-effective testing of electronic products. The FT1000 series comprises the hardware and software components needed to set up functional benches. Available in card and 19” rack form, the components can be bought to assemble a customised functional bench programmable using any language which works in a Windows environment (tm).
The FT1000 range of instruments includes: signal or power generators, measuring units, I/O ports, active and passive loads, signal and power relay matrices. The instruments in this catalog are unique on the programmable instruments market because they are designed specifically for production purposes rather then for test laboratories. For this reason both the hardware and software can carry out fast, reliable tests on analog, digital or power products, including equipment supplied from the mains.
The FT1000 products can be programmed using any Microsoft Windows based language such as Visual Basic, C++, LabView and LabWindows CVI. The instruments are available in EURO format to be entered in the special chassis for 12/20 place instruments and 19" racks, which contain the medium and high power instruments. The FT1000 series includes containers for sturdy, functional, low-cost support for the instruments.