The SPEA C3320RFID is the SPEA product for Smart Card Contactless Test.
The C3320RFID allows to satisfy a wide range of requirements:

  • Multisite parallel test
  • Wafer test
  • Final test by contacting the 2 RF pads
  • Final test by antenna

Each RFID module provides 8 RFID channels including transmitter, receiver blocks & DSP unit.
A single module can support parallel test up to 8 sites.
The C3320RFID full equipped (8 RFID module) can support parallel test up to 64 sites.


  • Supported standard protocols: ISO144443A/B, ISO15693 (1 out of 4; 1 out of 256)
  • Supported not std protocols
  • Supported families: MIFARE, ICODE, PICOPASS, etc...
  • Full command set for std and not std protocols (REQA, REQB, ATTRIB, WAKE UP ...)
  • Easy library updating for new additional protocols
  • Capacitance measurement (1pF ÷ 1nF)
  • Parametric measurements through RF pads
  • Programmable modulation index (0 ÷ 100%)
  • Programmable carrier amplitude (0 ÷ 30V