H1000 is a reel to reel handler series conceived to supply a flexible and cost effective equipment for device in reel.
A wide range of available modules, allows to configure quickly the handler according to the specific requirements.
The available modules are:

  • Base unit
  • Buffer unit for high UPH
  • Digital camera for tape indexing, insulation puncher and reject puncher verification
  • Bad device optical detection
  • High speed insulation puncher
  • Up to no.2 test head unit

The H1000 is equipped with high resolution camera for indexing and optical test features.
The architecture of the H1000 allows an easy integration with several test systems by using both soft hard docking solution.
A user friendly software is provided for both an easy use in production and engineering programming.


  • High performances at the lowest prices
  • Productivity: up to 60.000 UPH
  • Optical test
  • Fast debus punch mechanism
  • Tape movement controller based on CCD camera
  • Contact & contactless devices
  • Multisite test capability
  • Windows based programming software