QSoft is a software product to:

  • Monitor manufacturing processes
  • Measure the product quality
  • Automize the test, repair and data collection actions

Spea QSoft is a software package aimed at electronic manufacturers and repair & maintenance centers. It enables to automize the data collection of manufacturing, testing, repair and check processes.
QSoft analyzes in real time data collected by processes and measurements performed on products. It provides statistics about processes productivity, effectiveness, faultiness, and about product quality.
QSoft is conceived to collect data of each single process automatically, clearly to the process itself, without interfering with the work stations productivity.
QSoft is conceived to be used in any work area where to collect and analyze processes data. Manufacturing areas, repair, maintenance, calibration centers, are some application examples.

The manufacturing of components, sets and products are production areas where the ability to control the processes and the quality of the products and to execute their traceability in order to maximize the yield and to minimize the production costs is required.
Repair centers
Repair centers are the laboratoires where electronic boards, equipments or parts of them, or instruments are repaired. These laboratoires are typically part of industrial realities, as for example, in the automotive or Telecom field, or military and government corporations. They can also be part of companies of big dimensions operating internationally or of indepedent corporations repairing mobile phones, PC, etc.on behalf of a third party. The use of QSoft in repair centers is characterized by the traceability of the repaired parts and of every performed repair, by the data collection and analysis operations automation, by not using paper documents, by storing the repair experience on the PC.

Maintenance centers

QSoft enables the internal maintenance and Customer assistance centers to keep the traceability of each intervention and of each repair performed on the installed base.
Calibration centers
QSoft enables the calibration centers to keep the traceability of each calibration intervention performed on the installed base.