The SPEA 2020 is an automatic test system integrated with a board loading/unloading mechanism using cassettes. The high flexibility of the 2020 guarantees high productivity and lower test costs.
The 2020 uses cassettes to load a repetitive series of boards instead of single boards one at a time. This allows the person that is repairing the boards to also be the same person that is loading and unloading the boards. This feature will noticably reduce the test costs. In order to increase the system autonomy, it is possible to easily configure the input and output cassettes to match each product to be tested.

The 2020 multi-cassettes stations allow high autonomy and the substitution of the input and output cassettes as required without dependence on the other cassettes.
The 2020 is designed with hardware and software modules for the complete, in-circuit, parametric, and functional test of a single board or panels of boards.
The 2020 can be equipped with "Family Box" modules containing specific instruments for functional tests, again tested as a single board or panel of boards in a multi-site parallel configuration.
"Pass/fail" selection is performed by applying different strategies that can be selected in accordance with the relevant needs. The output racks can be assigned to "Pass" or "Fail" boards. The position of the failed boards in the "Fail" rack can be memorized. The GAX multiprocessor parallel architecture enables the 2020 to be equipped with the configuration required by current product needs and to be expanded or modified in accordance with the future test requirements.

Modules are provided for in-circuit, parametric and functional testing with in-circuit analog, in-circuit digital and power-on functional testing. Based on the ATOS2 operating system, the 2020 automatically generates in-circuit and parametric test programs. This is possible because ATOS2 uses an Expert System that allows the software to adapt the program generation to the acquired experience of the software. Thanks to this technology, the generated test programs require a less time for debugging.

Full Automatic Tester