EASYTEST is a series of high performance test systems capable of providing traditional In-Circuit and parametric testing along with functional testing of electronic boards containing analog, digital, and power supply or high voltage circuits. This method of polyfunctional testing is the most efficient in regards to time and equipment expenditures for production testing of these types of boards by reducing handling time and duplication of equipment costs. When test yields are sufficient, the various testing techniques can be adjusted to a sampling only process without additional handling or equipment.

The EASYTEST testers are capable of performing the following testing techniques:

  • In-Circuit test
  • Parametric test
  • Power-on test
  • Functional test
  • Vectorless test (e.g. open pin)
  • Boundary scan
  • On board programming
  • Autotest (BIST and BOST)

Thanks to the adoption of a parallel multiprocessor GAX architecture (General Architecture for test systems, used in all SPEA test systems), the EASYTEST testers are easily expandable. They can be equipped with your initial test technique requirements and later expanded or modified as per your new testing needs.
The multiprocessor GAX architecture of the EASYTEST provides for the parallel or simultaneous execution of different test, reducing the test time that would be required by a serial test architecture or process.

Easytest 500AD


Easytest 105A

Easytest 100A