The SPEA H3000 BLU is innovative burn-in board loader unloader specifically conceived to pick & place electronic components from tray to PCB board and viceverse.
The SPEA innovative concept allow to significally increase the throughput while ensuring a reduced cost of ownership.
The Handler architecture is based on high speed axis moving on magnetic suspension for significant UPH improvements and lowest cost of service.


  • Devices packages: TQFP, QFP, MMC, BGA, Micro-BGA (min. 5mm x 5mm), PLCC, TSSOP
  • Operating mode: load, unload, load + unload
  • Productivity: up to 15000 UPH
  • Reduced footprint
  • Multiple devices P&P (up to 4+4 devices)
  • Smart conversion kit for fast handler setup (apx 10min)
  • Burn In board large area
  • Devices sorting
  • Communication standard (IEEE488 - SECS/GEM - Serial - TTL I/O)

BLU - Burn In Loader/Unloader