The SPEA C3372AUDIO is the SPEA product for audio application final test.
The C3372AUDIO is designed to achieve the fully testing needs of power audio devices without the necessity to have a dedicated tester platform.
Further, using the C3372AUDIO resources, the type dependent interface hardware is reduced to the minimum shortening the application design time.

  • Multisite parallel test
  • Fully functional test for tradictional and switching amplifiers
  • Up to octal site single supply device test
  • Up to quad site dual supply device test


  • Octal floating power buffer (-2 to 50V @ 16A)
  • Octal resistive power load:
    • 2ohm @ 300Wmax
    • 4ohm @ 260Wmax
    • 8ohm @ 132Wmax
    • 16ohm @ 66Wmax
  • Octal power matrix for differential device output connection
  • Power switches floating drivers