EASYTEST 500AD is most complete model of high performance test systems capable of providing traditional In-Circuit and parametric testing along with functional testing of electronic boards containing analog, digital and mixed signal components. Thanks to the versatility guaranteed by the GAX architecture, it is possible to use the instrumentation in parallel, making the EASYTEST 500AD a high performance test system for testing multiple modules at one time. This gives the user the flexibility to apply the best test strategy in relation to the type and volume of products to be tested.
Equipped with hybrid channels, the EASYTEST 500AD can test of analog, digital and hybrid devices and boards. The EASYTEST 500AD is capable of performing over 700 measurements per second without affecting the accuracy, repeatability and measurementstability. The digital test vectors, applied via direct or multiplexed channels, can be executed at speeds up to 10MHz with different values of voltages compatible with TTL, CMOS or ECL technologies. Thanks to this peculiarity, the EASYTEST 500AD can be used to test products from simple I/O boards to complex multi-processor control boards.

Easytest 500AD


Easytest 105A

Easytest 100A