The EASYTEST 105A is a reduced footprint test system created for identifying faults introduced by the manufacturing process the combining In-Circuit test and parametric tests. The EASYTEST 105A is capable of performing over 700 measurements per second without affecting the accuracy, repeatability and measurement stability.
After In-Circuit testing, many electronic products require the verification of a single component or a simplified functional test in order to verify the correct start up and basic operation of the product. The EASYTEST 105A is the tester for these situations.
The test program is conceived to quickly identify faults such as short circuits, missing or mis-mounted devices or IC's with open pins. Program generation is automatic from the CAD import of the project, to test analysis of the board, to test program generation and fixture file generation, and onto the debug stage. The board may also be self learned by the tester. Equipped with either a bed-of-nails, vacuum or pneumatic interface, the EASYTEST 105A enables the powered and un-powered test of electronic modules and boards.

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Easytest 105A

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